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By Nancy Amato

When asked recently to write a few sincere and honest paragraphs about Rick in my own words, I thought it would be appropiate to actually look up and read their meanings to be sure if this is how I actually viewed him.

Prayerful -1) influenced by prayer strongly, or in which prayer plays an important part.
                  2) praying frequently, liking to pray.
                  3) earnest and sincere.

Circumspective - showing unwillingness to act without first weighing the risks or consequences.

Emotional - being by nature easily affected by or quick to express emotion.

Soulful - deeply or sincerely emotional.

Intense -    1) extreme in a way it can be felt.
                   2) passionately focused or concentrated.
                   3) feeling or showing strong & deeply felt emotions in a serious way.

Unwavering - firm in your view or purpose and unable to be swayed or diverted from it.

Tenacious - determined to stick firmly to a decision, plan or opinion without changing or doubting it.

Passionate - enthusiastic, having a keen enthusiasm.

Most importantly along with prayer, I  have never met or doubt I ever will meet someone with Rick's faith.

Faith - belief or trust, devotion to or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.

I've learned something about Rick from doing this task.  I learned that I don't know him totally.   I was right on with all my insights, except for one word I have always labeled him with, (INDECISIVE).    When I looked up the meaning of the word, I said, out loud, "this isn't Rick at all."  I continued and read the definition further and came across the word circumspect. I turned to its definition and discovered Rick's name written right next to it.  Somehow a new feeling of respect filled my heart for him.  Where I always thought he had a weakness in decision making I now realize he was circumspective.  He wasn't indecisive at all.  He was weighing the risks or consequences of his decisions.  That's a pretty important trait to have in God's work.  You're not dealing with yourself  only, you're dealing with millions of souls. 


Rick and Nancy Amato and their eight grandchildren

Rick and Nancy Amato and their eight grandchildren

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